Now, Malware is an opposite threat to website owners, developers and security companies.

What is malware and why does it matter to your small business?

Let’s have a look into that.

Malware is an intrusive code that tries to take control of your website. It is usually installed through a corrupted file or often packaged within a healthy piece of software. However, it can take on many forms like viruses, Trojan Horses and drive-by downloads.

While it doesn’t affect any physical damage to files, but it can lead visitors to some unsafe website.

Malware can affect your WordPress website in this way:

1) Degradation of your Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

Malware can undo the performance of the website by using your website to spam links to other domains. This infects your site and replaces outbound links so that they navigate to domains they want to boost. It can also set up dummy pages filled with words to attract visitors, then leads them somewhere else. This impacts your SEO negatively.

2) Load External Javascript / iFrame files.

You might some shady pop-ups, usually on that top of the page of the website and asking you to go to a different site or make purchase etc.
In reality, someone has hacked into that site and inserted malicious code as JavaScript /iFrame script.
This makes this side slower and the visitors are getting duped into making purchases and doing other unwanted things.

3) Mining cryptocurrency Illegally

You‘ve probably heard about cryptocurrencies which are hot these days. Surprisingly, Malware developers have also dived into the craze.
You might know about crypto lockers which is popular types of malware nowadays.
However, they are some malware can infect your website and utilize visitors’ browsers to mine cryptocurrency. It leads to losing your visitors/ user‘s trust on your website after they find out at using them to mine cryptocurrency. Even if it is unintentional on your part.


It will affect its functionality and an infection can have long-lasting negative effects on your site and SEO.
Malware can erase all your data or hold it for ransom or steal visitors’ information.
64% of companies have experienced web-based attacks.

In our next article, we will discuss about “How to protect a website from future malware attacks”.

Article By- Ansuman