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The Website of your organization assumes a huge part in the accomplishment of your business. Now days most business peoples like to do an online research of your organization and study of your websites before making any business deals or contracts.

Business owners who are not usual with web technologies and don’t know how to choose the ideal Website Development organization, frequently came with picking the wrong one. As a result the website which you build to accomplish your business some time influence your business unfavorably.

We at Sysstak Technologies all our team learn and aware that Web Design and Development is not just about creating sleek and pretty layouts, but it’s about understand the marketing challenge behind your business.

We are renowned Web Design and Development Company offering cost effective websites with cutting edge technologies. Our design & development team based in Bhubaneswar INDIA one among the major IT hubs of INDIA. Other hand we have cross border offices in USA Switzerland for our global client’s assistance.

We always focus on latest technologies to implement for a better and updated websites. Some of the technologies we work on are as below.


Google Chrome:- This is the most popular and widely use browser by google

Safari:- It’s a product and browser of Apples mostly use by IOS users.

Firefox:- An open source browser supported by Mozila Foundation.

Internet Explorer:- It’s  a Microsoft browser and pre-installed In Windows OS


Hyper Text Markup Language, It instruct the web browser what to show and it’s basically the structure of a website and it have 2 major part that is Head part and Body part. In head it contains the info about the site with the instruction and body part is the main structure of the site which is shown in frontend.


Cascading Style Sheet, It’s the main part of a website which take an website to the next level. It allows web designer to work on the websites Font, Color, Transitions, and Animations etc.


It’s a free and open source frontend library, bootstrap is an User Interface (UI) framework for building websites with HTML & CSS.

Java Script

It supports all browsers and work with most of the Frameworks as well. It mostly abbreviated as JS and is a high level interpreted programing language.


It’s a JavaScript based open source front end web application framework. It’s a structural framework for dynamic web applications. Now most of the web designers & developers are using this to design interactive websites & applications. It maintained and supported by Google.


It’s a server site scripting language used for general purpose Programing Language. It’s a widely use language by most of the web developers.


It’s a most popular open source SQL Database. Databases where all your data stored, and database comes with two type that is SQL & No SQL.

Best example of and No SQL database is MONGODB and Best example of and SQL is My Sql.


An API is an Application Programming Interface, We at Sysstak Technologies create API of an application for other sites or developers to use some of the functionality without sharing the code.

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